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CALL FOR ARTISTS to be featured on The Lamp Project.

Deadline: Ongoing

Call for artists who are engaged in significant efforts to address important social issues, particularly hunger, poverty, disease, violence, slavery, education and arts education. Art itself may be cause-related, but need not be. Artist involved with cause through education/awareness, fundraising, art therapy, inspiration/motivation, or other avenues.

Length and Style

We will feature blog-length articles of about 400 words and longer articles of approximately 1000 words.

For editorial purposes, we use the “AP Stylebook” and rely on the “Chicago Manual of Style” for guidance on issues not covered in the AP.

Syntax and word choice should be reasonably accessible, but many of our readers are highly literate. Therefore, we avoid idiosyncratic, conversational-style writing in favor of inspired clarity. We still welcome writers to write in their individual voices, especially those who clearly love language and a range of arts.

Please submit your pitch below.

If you are a new a writer, please tell us about your relevant education, experience, and/or any publication credits.


Please fill out the form below. We will let you know if we are interested, or we may suggest a different approach or subject, so please wait for our reply. If the idea fits into our editorial plans, you will be given a deadline to submit a finished manuscript.

The Lamp Project will have the right to use an accepted article on its website. We also request the right to use the piece in the promotion of the Project. All other rights are retained by the author.


We are an all-volunteer organization. At the moment, no payment is offered for articles. As we approach 501(c)(3) status we’ll develop a philosophy to guide us on who, when, and how much we pay for the services of the talented creatives who help push this effort forward. Until then, we’re lucky and grateful and continue to experience awe and inspiration in the face of everyone’s generosity!

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