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Do all plaid polos come with pockets? I can't find one plaid polo shirt (cheap or expensive) that doesn't have a stupid pocket on it. Why?!!! MANY don't come with pockets, I know because hubby only buys ones WITH pockets!

WHY? Because he wants to put his eyeglasses in his pocket. I put mine where the shirt buttons are. Some guys like to put their smokes in their pockets! ralph lauren shirts 3x

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does anyone know any online stores a male teen can shop at that is preppy and not expensive? something like plaid shirts and jackets and shorts and polos definatly jcrew, but that is pricy. try abercrombie shirts or hollister? i dont know... department stores always help though :)

ps. preppy guys are hot! Jcpennys- i always buy my bfs clothes there for dirt cheap and they look the same if not better as all the 'upper class' alternatives
pair of khaki pants- 11$
polo t- 14$
zip up hoodie- 24$
graphic t- 5$
Swear to god! Good Buys!
Aeropostale- isnt bad but there clothes arent that great of quality aw come on, dude, everyone knows that preppy stuff is always expensive. just go to a department store. it may not seem like much but there's usually a few that are decent enough for ya. hmmm.
old navy or aeropostale.
also buy ralph lauren sport shirt online shop the clearance section of abercrombie Hollister or American eagle they probably have cheaper preppy stuff.
:] ooh thats a tuff one. i mean jcrew and hollister and abercrombie pop in my head first. but if u want inexpensive? i dont no. sorry, this is like rlly unhelpful but i felt like answering. Try Gap they have neat clothes and some good deals. definately old navy. they always have plaid everything. or target's good too hmm...preppy and inexpensive? try old navy, banana republic, gap, or aeropostale =D

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ralph lauren clothing in the uk? in american they have alot of department stores that carry ralph lauren polo shirts and other stuff by him and i was wondering if there are any department stores in the uk that carry his clothing.or any small stores and do they have web addy. thanks Try Old Bond Street in Central London :) the best place to buy it it in their own store!

208 ingram st, glasgow

1 new bond st, london

105 fulham road, london

ps. there is few outlet store as well!

i know there is one near Carlisle @Gretna Gateway Outlet Village Yes 'House of Fraser' do.
I know that they do have Jeans at least.

Check this link for stores tk maxx defo do as i have got a couple of tops
have you tried debenhams (they might do) or House of Fraiser? oxfam in town that is a little ralph lauren jackets 2010 strange

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