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best buy orientation tomorrow, what color polo shirt do i need to wear? I was told to wear khaki pants, black shoes, black belt and a polo shirt, but he didn't tell me what color, does anyone who works at best buy, or someone who just got hired there knows what color polo they expect you to wear? And do i need to have it tucked in? Thanks wear a white polo. i have my orientation in 2 days on Tuesday July 6th. Im not sure whether to wear a ralph lauren polo or not, because of the additional color of the polo, but I will anyways. Good Luck on your orientation! were now both best buy employees! white polo ralph lauren coat outlet online

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were can you find Ralph Lauren Polo shirts? not USPA real polo tht people wear that are collar JCPenney's? I was just at Belk yesterday. I was looking for them too and they have them. In lots of colors too!!!!!! I promise you that they are just the Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Their prices range - dollars and I think that is pretty good. Hope I helped :) ralph lauren jacket big pony

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MG MGF vs VW Polo? I currently own a 2002 vw 1.2L polo but want to trade in / buy a MG MGF 1.8L convertable. Good move? Please advise as I have absolutely no knowledge on cars. They seem very cheap- is that a sign? I don't think MG have much of a dealership/spares network left since they went bust. And I here the MGFs do need a lot of looking after (especially the convertible). Stick with the VW 'til something better than an MGF comes along. for a start mg is disfunct, another is mgf has been around for 12+yrs, and still the same car.cheap because noone would buy it, also u will not get a return, knowing these mg's cost of repair and parts will exist and very costly.
i'd stick with vw, or any german brand, except vauxhall!
they are built well, reliable and don't depreciate like these old cars.
better go ralph lauren polo dresses for the golf gti- car of year. maybe the new tt?old tt? mini? Theyre cheap because of the "sad, grandad" stigma of rovers (MG have taken over Rover) i Iove the look of them, and theyre probably really reliable. I llike vws but id rather have a golf than a polo, so in this case id say go for the mg...... 2 seaters mind!!! Not half as practical!! Go MGF !!!!!

I'm just about to buy an opel tigra twintop !!!
Just hope it's sunny where you are so you can take advantage of the convertible !!! Try to get it with a hard top too !!!!

Be careful about insurance premiums and costly mechanical probs though !!!!!!

Have fun !!!

VROooooouumm ;^) there are better cars out there that you can pick up cheap.
if you want a convertable sports car i would advise you to look around alot and dont rush in to anything.
but most of all stay away from MG there a pile of rubbish oh no dont. i love vw's. they are a wonderful car. last for ever if you look after them. They're cheap because they're essentially Rovers, i hear they are very reliable though wat?

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