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is there a proper age range for LACOSTE or RALPH LAUREN clothings? fashion-aware adults ONLY please? i somehow got the impression that it's usually people who are in their 20s who wear clothings by lacoste and ralph lauren (especially those with the crocodile and polo logos). i'm wondering if it's still socially appropriate for a, say, 40 y.o. man to wear lacoste/ralph lauren attire? my main concern is... show more i somehow got the impression that it's usually people who are in their 20s who wear clothings by lacoste and ralph lauren (especially those with the crocodile and polo logos). i'm wondering if it's still socially appropriate for a, say, 40 y.o. man to wear lacoste/ralph lauren attire? my main concern is that they are for younger people who want to look "preppy", and not for older adults who seek a more mature (still casual though) look. please answer only if you are ralph lauren shirts 2014 cheapest older than 21. i don't want 12 year olds telling me that it's still looks good on a 40 year old I think when done in modest colors, and grouped with mature other pieces... Ralph Lauren can cross over generations. I'm not a fan of Lacoste personally, their colors arent very mature.

i think the polo paired with a blazer and khakis, in classic/universal colors: navy, black, hunter, maroon, darker tones. Is a very classic, timeless look for anyone.

Try to avoid colors such as the Baby's (blue, pink), the pales, the extremly brights (yellows, turquoise, green). And if you're gonna go stripe, try and stay with those same classic colors as the main color. Oh... and just rule out pink altogether, unless its a baby pink in a button front, oxford type shirt. Im 24, and ralph lauren is not in for our age group. The only thing I have from there are their simple polos, and I hardly wear them anymore.
Id say Lacoste and Ralph Lauren would be very age appropriate for a man your age....just as long as you arent trying too hard. lol. I was just at Lacoste yesterday and they have a lot of great stuff in right now.
Definitely dont go towards Abercrombie or Hollister. Way too young for your age!
Good Luck!

(FYI: Im a 24 year old female....and a total label whore!) I'm in the 40s. In the old days Lacoste were mostly for more mature people and Ralph Lauren as well but these days more younger people are wearing it. I would said mostly age between 20 and above. Young people like A&F, Hollister, AE etc.. I think if worn properly then it could suit you. A lot of Ralph Lauren or Lacoste styles generally suit an older crowd when single pieces are worn together. It's the style and manner in which the younger crowd wears them now. They are accessorized "young" not designed that way. You can pull it off! Just ask the store clerk, he/she won't be surprised to see a 40 something y.o. man in the Ralph Lauren section. They've been expecting you. ;) There isn't a proper age range for Lacoste or RL clothing. They may market the clothing lines to younger generations and their ads may feature young models, but ultimately, because of the price range, it is the wealthier (and usually older people) who buy and wear these brands.

Both brands are well-established and have been in existence for over 35 years. While Lacoste's designs are geared towards sportswear, RL designs are more classic. I agree that the more neutral the colors you choose, the more "age appropriate" that piece of clothing will be. The brighter, lighter colors tend to attract younger people. Stick to black, navy, gray, brown, forest green and white and you'll be fine.

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Can anyone tell me where I can find some cute shirts with collars? My school has a dress code which requires students to wear collared shirts to school. I am sick of wearing polos all the time so I was wondering if anyone could send me links of some cute collared shirts online? Thanks! MAYBE YOU COULD JUST STEAL FROM YOUR FRIENDS..

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