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where can i get a cheap pare of these kind of boots for my horse ? i need the cheapest pare out there for these boots- where online can i get the cheapest pare of these? links would help alot thanks for you time and help I agree - ebay these dude - they've been around forever, and hold up well, so even a used pair should get you a few years.

Regarding the boots, I prefer the SMB Elite - more movement (don't seem to inhibit), and less dirt in the boot when you're done.

There are 105 listed on Ebay:
wrong link the firs time - Elite Rears for - br>
It looks like the better deals are in Ebay Stores.

ETA: I disagree about polos being superior for several reasons. 1, If they become unwrapped (get caught on the trail, knicked on an overstep, caught on a bad ralph lauren dress shirts on sale fence) then you've got a massive peice of fabric dangling around your horse's legs. 2. It takes practice to wrap correctly. 3. Neoprene is superior shock absorbant material - it disperses concussion, like any foam, as opposed to fleece, where it just pads the impact. 4. While no boot can really help support a horse on impact, the design - specifically the wrap-around fetlock - does help support the ligmament to some degree. 5. Much, much easier and less time consuming to apply, and practically idiot-proof.

ETAA: I think SMBs are the way to go the barrels, or a knock-off. I have used the SMB II for at least 6 years, and thought they were just fine. They would be easier to find and cheaper, just because they've been on the market for a decade.
The hinds and fronts are the same, I'd just buy a size bigger for the hind. So I barrel race as well, I use the SMB Elites on my horses...I buy Value Packs because they area more economical and you need to protect all 4 legs with equal support or else your horse is not running balanced..

Pro. Choice came out with SMB III's this summer, they are basically a hybrid between the SMB Elite and the SMB II...they are cheaper than the Elites...and are a decent boot--they arent quite as nicely fitted as the Elites are, but if you're looking for a cheaper boot at a comparable quality, I'd say the SMB III's are your boots! They are 9.95 USD for the Value Pack (all 4 boots) and they come in a very wide range of colours..

Also Classic Equine makes Pro-tec boots--they arent fancy at all and basically offer little to no tendon support--they are a decent boot if you are looking for protection from side-sweeping and bangs...but they are not good for support--they are around a pair....cheap, but you get what you pay for...

Also look up Pro Equine boots--ive heard decent ratings on them--they are a little cheaper than the Prof. Choice boots...
Good Luck
BB Well, what you're looking for is really a cheap pair of front "medicine boots". I think that you're going to have the most luck at ValleyVet.com, CountrySupply.com, or SmartPacEquine.com. You can, of course, check Ebay, but typically the shipping is more expensive and thus you end up paying a little more anyway.

I'm not sure why you want this type of leg protection in particular, but another good option that is MUCH less expensive would be to learn how to properly wrap your horse's front legs with "polo wraps". A package of 4 polo wraps is going to run under , and in my opinion they provide superior protection and support in most cases...the downside, you MUST learn to wrap them properly for them to work, and if you do it wrong, you can actually cause damage.

Anyway...just some suggestions...hope you find what you are looking for. Here is a great discount site that carries them. Check quantity if the price seems high. Sometimes they bundle multiple sets together and give you an even better deal.

Good and cheap do not apply to anything with horses. You'll get what you pay for. You might do some looking and find the least expensive pair, but cheap is exactly what when it comes to tack...cheap! Ebay br>
(the first is cheaper...but the second is the exact kind you posted, an still cheaper lol)

Hope that helped...all those other sites were either the same price or more expensive :P ebay

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what should i do with my ralph lauren and us polo assn problem? so i went to buy ralph lauren polos and it turned out that they werent real ralph lauren.i bought shoes and a shirt at burlington.the shoes are extremly good looking but their us polo assn!and the shoes costed 20 dollars but they were so good and it had two horses and two guys riding them!!!and now im depressed... show more so i went to buy ralph lauren polos and it turned out that they werent real ralph lauren.i bought shoes and a shirt at burlington.the shoes are extremly good looking but their us polo assn!and the shoes costed 20 dollars but they were so good and it had two horses and two guys riding them!!!and now im depressed becuase they're us polo assn.what should i do return them or keep them i really like them i really do but ralph lauren shirts big pony people will see me and start saying wow that guy couldnt afford ralph lauren polo shoes.now the shirt it says beverly hills polo club it has the guy and the horse stitching side ways instead of the stitching facing foward so what do you guys think of this problem what do you think i should do please anwser today or atleast by tomorow untill 11 or 12 in the morning please please anwser of what i should do!im getting desprate about this...and thank you very much..oh and can you tell me where to buy REAL ralph lauren polos shoes no websites stores in jacksonville fl. If the shoes are well made and fit, why bother hunting down name brand shoes at 4x the cost that probably won't even last as long? Designer label goods usually aren't anywhere near as durable because they WANT 'em to wear out faster. My wife and I have deal with this discount store and acquired one there. Not quite impressive about the shipment speed but does save approximately 73% and great to get this. The quality is definitely decent and till today not find any issues. well no if you like the things you bought keep them why would people think you are poor because of that? and use www.yellowbook.com to find a store. hope i helped! you do return them or keep them

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Where is a store like American eagle and garage with good cheap clothes? I need someplace like American eagle, jean machien and garage, with some cute clothes for an eighth grader. what clothes do you recomened, a picture of what you think i should get is prefered. Buckle
Forever 21
Old Navy



Hope this helps..

And i know everyone probably says this, but EBAY is great. And you can get BRAND NEW clothes for pretty cheap. =)

And i don't know what size you wear but here are some lots of cute clothes that are "NWT" (new with tags)

br>br>br>br>br>br>-Piece-Lot-Junior-Tops-Abercrombie-AE-some-NWT-S-M-L_W0QQitemZ110171477094QQihZ001QQcategoryZ3064QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem TJMAXX is awesome for cheap designer clothes. I got a JuicyCouture jacket (worth 8) for . the also have american eagle there. Forever 21, Wetseal. uuh hollister, abercrombie kids (i wear an xl there haha i'm in outlet ralph lauren shorts sale nyc eighth grade too) uuuhh ya i like american eagle and aeropostale too. go to platos closet old navy

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