Calls for Artists

The Lamp Project: Call for artists who are engaged in significant efforts to address important social issues, particularly hunger, poverty, disease, violence, slavery, education and arts education. Art itself may be cause-related, but need not be. Artist involved with cause through education/awareness, fundraising, art therapy, inspiration/motivation, or other avenues.

Visit the California Arts Council for an update to date list of calls for artists: Click Here

Residency Programs

Mak Center:  Mak Center residency programs are centered around artists who explore the creative connection between arts and architecture. Mak Center is located in West Hollywood, CA.

18th Street Arts Center: 18th Street’s Art Residency Program has helped over 300 artists from around the world have their art featured and curated. 18th Street Arts Center is located in Santa Monica, CA.


Art Pulse: The Art Pulse mentorship program is a 6-month professional program designed to help artists reach the next step in their careers. Art Pulse is located in San Diego, CA.

Venice Arts: The Venice Arts mentorship and education program is focused on youth, and has 400 student participants a year. Venice Arts is located in Venice, CA.

Motivarti: The Motivarti mentorship program is a 10-week partnership between an artist and a mentor, working one-on-one. Motivarti is located in Glendale, CA.