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Content online November 15.

The Lamp Project, after months of gathering and growing, planning and procuring, will begin to feature new content online beginning Tuesday, November 15. Starting then you’ll be able to check back at least weekly and find profiles of great artists who are out doing good work to better the world around them.

If you’d like to be a part of this humbling crescendo of talent and generosity, please email or use our contact page.

Short films.

We’re shooting a couple of miniature films now. The crew and cast are just stellar.

The second of the two shoots is this Saturday, October 23 in Los Angeles from 8a to 2p. We’re still in need of a few artists to join us. Most needed right now: a violinist, violist or cellist, a painter, and a scupltor. Also helpful would be a dancer and a photographer.

This will be “M.O.S.”, meaning we are not using the sound from the shoot. Images only. So actors who have one of the above artistic talents (but not at a professional level) are very much welcome.

Please contact us immediately through the contact form on this site or at

Progress, progress, and more progress.

With our fantastic Editor In Chief Deborah Bezanis at the helm, our writing staff of six has begun their first projects, to be featured online next month with the help of our three editors. The writing and editing staff continues to grow.

Our Director of Production and Post Production, Henry Truong, and our Director of Media Asset Management, Elias Issa, are overseeing a growing, nationwide, all-volunteer workflow to bring you interviews and other footage of great artists at work. Our first few projects are short films, shooting and editing next month, to highlight some of the social issues that The Lamp Project hopes to address. Thanks to our no-nonsense producer Mike Shields and our top-notch director/DP Tom Camarda – and a host of other amazing people – these are going to be incredible, a real showcase for what is possible when talented and creative people come together for a good cause.

Now it’s your turn. If you are reading this and feel that tingle – the lure of a challenge, an outlet, and a great opportunity to make a difference – please email Jeremy Olsen, our executive producer, at and see how you can be a part of The Lamp Project.

Logo, video, writers…

Just a quick update for those of you already following along: We’ll be able to unveil the new Lamp Project logo very soon. We’re also hard at work on some short videos to help explain what we do and hopefully to make you want to join us. And we now have writers hard at work on their first pieces.

We’ll also have Facebook and Twitter links for you real soon to make following us even easier. Plus, introductions to some of the people behind this project. All coming soon…